Monday, 3 May 2010

they might say hi, and i might say hey, but you shouldn't worry about what they say, because they've got nothing on you baby.

I've had such a good long weekend.
Friday was average, just went to my Dad's on the evening. Saturday I went to the cinema, with my, as of 2 days ago, boyfriend Ryan, to watch Dear John, it was pretty good actually, even if it was a bit cheesy! Sunday was actually really fun! All we did really was go to my friend, Lucy's house, we gossiped, laughed a lot, played hide and seek?! and took plenty of pictures. It was so so fun. Then today, I went to Costa and chilled with Rosie, then met up with Ryan in the evening.
So yeah, overall a pretty good long weekend and not really looking forward to school tomorrow!


  1. very cute pictures!
    you're adorable :)

  2. Oh my gosh! That so sweet that your boyfriend took you too see that! most boys would be like 'ew..romance' :)
    I just 'dumped' my boyfriend totally didnt need to know that, but I feel it relates to this post :)


  3. haha, he's very sweet! although i kind of did have to force him a little to see it! ;)
    aw, well it was most probably for the better! :)