Tuesday, 18 May 2010

"What Is Fashion?"

Ok, so today I got asked the question 'What is fashion?', it took me a while to think about it and come to a real answer that I believed in, but basically this is what fashion is to me.

"Fashion is not just what you wear. It's what makes you, you, and separate to anyone else. If it wasn't for fashion, life would be dull, we couldn't simply 'make' friends or ever be intrigued by a certain person as there'd be nothing to draw you to a him/her.
A person couldn't say they weren'...t interested in fashion as what they do wear is their own representation of it. And although we 'shouldn't' judge a book by it's cover, people always will do that. Fashion is just a way to make that first judgement a positive one."

It didn't take long, so sorry if it's rubbish, but tell me what you think?

And tell me, what is fashion to you?

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