Sunday, 21 February 2010

Yeah, I Wear Dresses Made Out Of Paper In My Spare Time.

I did this mini photoshoot for my sister's art project for college and thought I'd post it here. I like how the pictures turned out, if only the dress I was wearing wasn't made out of paper!
I'm doing another mini photoshoot with a dress that she's making next Sunday, I'm pretty excited for that as the dress designs look so pretty and we've picked a really nice location for the pictures. Lets just hope it doesn't rain!

PS; thanks for the super nice comments on the last post! I don't agree with most of them, but it's really nice of you to say those things. I'll comment your blogs soon, when I get back on track with the blogging world. But, in the meantime, thank you commenters!


  1. that is seriously COOL

  2. You really look great in that paper dress!