Saturday, 6 February 2010

To sum up the night, I came home covered in cider, shortbread and other peoples sweat.

As you may have guessed by the pictures, I went to see Jamie T on Wednesday. Overall, the night was amazing, and being covered in all kinds of things, including cider, shortbread and sweat, just added to the experience.
Jamie T was just as amazing if not more amazing than his album, and he was really down to earth, talking to the croud about when he was younger at concerts and stuff, I loved this about him as some other concerts I've been to, they didn't talk very much.

Here are a few funny parts of the night;

Jamie T- "When I was younger and went to concerts, we used to throw beer bottles and cups at the singer, this wasn't being mean, it was just part of the fun. So if you'd like to throw any beer bottles or cups at me, then do."  (Being in the front row, I got covered in anything and everything they threw)

Jamie T- "Did I ever say you could throw shortbread at me? No, so here you go!" (Shortbread tipped over us at this point) 

Randomer-  "PIKEY!"
Chester P (Supporting act)- "Yes, I am a pikey, would you like to come back to my caravan?"

And another funny part was when Jamie jumped on the guitar players back and covered his eyes and the guitar player carried on playing then Jamie T fell off and led flat on the floor. (He was very drunk, you see!) 
Ha, there was many more funny parts to the night but they're either to hard to explain or their Had-To-Be-There-Moments and you most probably wouldn't see the funny side of it.
So, if any of you get the chance to see Jamie T live, then do! It was the best experience ever and an amazing night!

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  1. ahah, looks amazing.