Thursday, 21 January 2010

new bloggggg.

Woo, I've got a new blog! I'm still carrying on with the joint one with Alice but this is one just for me. If you're not a follower of my old blog then you probably won't know anything about me so here's a little something so you get to know what I'm all about.

my heart in a picture .

my heart in a poem .
'If you were only one inch tall, you'd ride a worm to school.
The tear-drop of a crying ant would be your swimming pool.
A crumb of cake would be a feast
And last you seven days at least,
A flea would be a frightening beast
If you were one inch tall.

my heart in  quote . 
I'm guessing lyrics count as quotes so,

"Tell mummy I'm sorry, this life is a party."

my heart in a song .

Mouthwash - Kate Nash.

my heart in an item of clothing .

Urban Outfitters - £45

my heart in a place .

my heart in a film .

Where The Wild Things Are.
We've all got a wild thing inside of us.

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