Sunday, 24 January 2010

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2010 Ad Campaign

Alexander McQueen's Spring/Summer ad campaign is the most visually striking and colourful ad campaign of the season. I love how you can tell it's McQueen by just one glance and how they've involved the shoes in the shot.
 The only problem I have with it is that you can't really see the model's face or clothing. I think if they would've had a different angle to the shot it would've made a lot of difference and even if her head was on the other side, I think you'd notice her more.
All in all it's a beautiful shot and is definitely a memorable campaign. 


  1. Heya!
    Wow, i love this shot! Its so beautiful... :-)
    Panda xx
    Oh + thanks so much for my lovely comment, as always i appreciate it!

  2. Hey!
    This ad is really amazing.
    I loooove it (even if i don't like much snakes!)

  3. I love this ad! The shoes are EPIC.:)

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