Friday, 4 June 2010

simply inspirational

Above are 4 beautiful girls, that all really inspire me but in a few different way. Whether it's for singing, acting or just being generally amazing, these girls deserve some recognition. You've most probably heard of all of them but may have just overlooked them as average girls. I can tell you they are not just average.

Marina Diamondis -
Marina Diamondis, better known as her stage name, Marina And The Diamonds, is a 24 year old singer-songwriter from Wales. With her first album coming out February of this year, Marina is already a very well known name. So, why does she inspire me? Well, aswell as having amazing songs, she's got a very nice selection of clothes and is actually a really nice person. Watching her on a few different programs, she's actually so down to earth and seems like a really 'normal' star, unlike a few stuck up ones I can think of.

Alexa Chung-
I want to be Alexa Chung. The first reason being her AMAZING dress sense, the way she can be so casual but still look chic, and that her hair can be shoved up or messily down but she still looks beautiful. Another reason why I'm jealous of her is the things she gets to do, front row on catwalks, invited to every event and having her own TV show with Henry Holland (who I also love!). I envy Alexa so much!

Kate Nash-
For those of you who know me or have my facebook, you'll know i'm literally obsessed with Kate Nash. I love the way as soon as you play a Kate Nash song you'll know it's her singing, because of the style of the song and her strong accent. I also think her lyrics are amazing, they're so much better than the usual lyrics of today's music, such as songs rapping about women 'getting low' etc. She sings about what she feels and usually has a really strong opinion to most subjects, which i love. Aswell as this, i want her hair colour!

 Zooey Deschanel-
 Zooey Deschanel is, as you can probably tell by these pictures, beautiful! She is also extremely talented, amazing at acting, such as in the film 500 days of Summer (coincidently one of my favourite films) and she's a brilliant singer, being in the band She & Him (coincidently one of my favourite bands!). I literally couldn't think of one thing about Zooey that's bad. Honestly, I think I'm in love.


  1. Ah, love love love. These are such beautiful women, and are amazing role models in style, confidence, and respect. They are all amazing...but Zooey is definitely my favorite...I love her too! :]

  2. I have a girl crush on Zooey, she is stunning. I love all of their styles though. x