Saturday, 3 April 2010

Bye bye!

I've just realised this blog is getting no where.  
I've got 11 followers (due to one unfollowing earlier this week) and I feel the blog is just not getting anywhere. Another reason that I'm giving up with the blog is that I feel a blog should show who you are and what you like, but with my blog it just seems to be silly picture filled posts that don't really capture my style. Fear not, I am not going to give up on fashion all together, I'm still going to read lots of blogs and do anything fashion-y that I would've before.
So thanks to everyone who have read this blog and the previous one, but I'm afraid it's going to be over for a while. Maybe some day I will be less busy and/or stop procrastinating. Until then, Goodbye.



  1. don't you dare give up brit! i had 7 followers for 2 whole months, and now look at me! :) keep going, you'll get better i promise!

  2. oh girlfriend, I know how that feels! but I am glad to see by your above post that you are back, and I think your blog is beautiful! I just stumbled across it. Keep doing what you do!